How Covid-19 Affected CHS Cheerleaders




All organizations are being affected by covid-19 this year, but how much has it affected the CHS cheerleaders?

Cheerleading has always been a tough activity. This year’s season has been increasingly contrasting, compared to the covid free season we had last year. Not just for new members of the team, but it’s been difficult for everyone to adjust to the pandemic. Now, cheer is more than just smiling and being peppy. These athletes have to not only smile and yell through a one to two hour game, but also jump,tumble,and stunt for those hours.

What is stunting? You know when you see girls getting thrown in the air? That’s stunting! Before this season, that’s what we’ve done until covid started. Since the virus started, our stunting has been more than a roller coaster. We have had several changes in stunt groups, constantly switching people in and having several injuries. Even though covid has existed since last spring, we’re just getting back in the groove of things. A member of the cheer squad, Emma Berck said, ”Some cheerleaders got to miss out on stunting because they wanted to have a mask on when they’re in a public place.”

For games, cheerleaders are no longer allowed to have the entire team on the sideline at one time. Due to covid, only twelve out of eighteen cheerleaders are allowed on the sideline. This makes it somewhat hard for them to be as loud as it would be with the entire team. Last year, when covid didn’t exist, the season felt more amusing all around. Even though we stand close to each other on the sidelines, it’s more difficult to hear seniors call cheers. To add to that, It’s hard to tell under a mask if they’re saying something behind it.

Through this year, we have lost a lot of teammates due to different situations. With what we have left, we’re trying to make the best of our situation and perform to our highest level. Ultimately, the remaining members have felt that we’ve become closer as a team and a family.