Quarantine: A Day In The Life


Much like the rest of the world, I am showing early signs of insanity from being in my house for nearly three weeks. I have watched every genre of movie and eaten more Pringles than I can recount. If you likewise run out of content to binge-watch, below is a description of a day in my life during quarantine and how I am coping with all the chaos.  

Cooper, my three-year-old brother, certainly keeps me occupied. He often comes scooting into my room at seven in the morning, so sleeping in is not an option. My thirteen-year-old sister, Ella, is usually locked in her room watching D.I.Y videos on YouTube. I am scared to see the number of chip bags and soda cans stacked beside her bed. Around ten, my sister and I take Copper outside to wear him out before his nap. We either go on a walk, play volleyball, or pretend to play hide and seek and just forget to go find him. While Cooper is napping, I attempt to work on homework. I already procrastinated when school was in session, so being quarantined does not help my motivation any more; I usually spend this time watching romance movies or making Tik Toks with my sister instead. During this time I also get a quick workout in. Working out always makes me feel refreshed and ready for the rest of the day. Once my brother wakes up, it is back to making sure he doesn’t cry or poop his pants. Cooper has made me watch Frozen II a thousand times, but I’m honestly not complaining. We attempt to color or put together puzzles, but he either colors on the table or tries to eat the puzzle pieces. After a few hours of this cycle, Cooper finally heads to bed and I can scream into my pillow. At night, I attempt to clean my room and do a face mask. Before doing the homework I said I was going to do earlier, I Face Time my friends to reassure me I’m not the only one going crazy. 

It is easy to complain about being trapped in our homes with three-year-old brothers, but I think we all secretly needed this. As a society, we were getting so caught up in what was new- new series, new trends, new ways to eat a burger, etc. This pandemic has forced us to look at what is constant. Material things like video games, cars, makeup, and cell phones will all perish or become unpopular eventually. Our families, however, never go out of style. As cheesy as it is, this crisis is an excuse for all of us to reconnect with the people we love. Whether it’s a grandmother, neighbor, or teacher, there is someone whom you can talk with, laugh with, or just rant to. Use this unknowing time as an opportunity to give yourself some TLC. We are all under some kind of stress, financial struggles, family drama, or just a pimple on your chin. Go on a walk, read a book, paint your nails, bake cookies, watch Frozen II, anything that calms your soul. No one knows what the future is going to hold, but remember the constants in your life- like Cooper eating puzzle pieces. Stay safe my friends.