What Central Thinks About The COVID Vaccine


The COVID vaccine seems to currently  be one of the most controversial topics. Skepticism appears to be more of a political question rather than a health concern. After facing a global pandemic for over a year, people are cautious, wondering what and who they can trust, ultimately just wanting to go back to normal. A large group of people who don’t have much say and have been greatly affected by the pandemic are teenagers. Even with their silenced voices, teenagers have varied opinions on the COVID vaccine. 

A pressing question, especially in today’s divided political climate is, what can we trust? After facing a pandemic, it’s understandable for people to be cautious with their health, so many people have strong suspicions regarding the vaccine. A student at Cape Central, Kira Johnson,  said, “It is dumb. It was created in a short amount of time and I feel like it was made to please the people since COVID is too fast. They haven’t found a cure or vaccine for herpes so what makes people think that they found a vaccine in less than a year.” Other students share her cautious mindset towards the vaccine. In a survey of Cape Central students, 27% of responders said they would not get the vaccine. 

On the other hand, many people are eager and excited to get the vaccine. 64% of the responses from the survey said that they would get the vaccine and many of them have already been vaccinated. “I already got the vaccine about two weeks ago. The first shot was fine, but after the second shot I was sick for a day. Other than that it has been perfectly fine. I feel a little safer now that I have it,” says student, August Hanks. 

Another topic up for debate is if the vaccine is effective or if it is actually worth it. When asked if they thought the COVID vaccine was effective, 59% replied yes, 24% answered undecided, and 17% said they didn’t think it was effective. Olivia Langston said, “I think the vaccine is not only effective, but an impressive feat and it really shows how much, as a society, we can accomplish in such little time if we are all working toward a goal.” Other students have differing opinions claiming that the vaccine is untrustworthy, and that it is a hoax. 

With all the mixed opinions concerning the vaccine, it is incredibly controversial as to whether it should be mandatory for the general public. One student, Allison Smart, said, “It should be required of everyone to get it, like it is required to go to Cape Central High School with Meningitis and HPV vaccines. It’s not a political stance. It’s a simple service for the community.” Many students would advise people to get the vaccine while others say it is too risky. 22% of the answers on the survey said they wouldn’t recommend getting the vaccine to the general population. 

Some of the opposition towards the vaccine is due to the fact that people think the vaccine takes away personal freedom. They believe it is their right to choose whether or not to get the vaccine and that it should not be mandatory. Others believe that it is a social responsibility to require vaccination. They think that it is society as a whole’s obligation to protect the at risk population. 

One topic that almost everyone can agree on is the goal to get the world back to normal. Having dealt with a pandemic for over a year, people are eager to get their normal lives back. The problem occurs with people’s differing views on how to achieve the path to a new normal. Peter Matrisotto said, “If I have to get a needle stuck inside me to get back to normal then I’ll do it in a blink of an eye.” In conclusion, despite the varying opinions surrounding vaccination, there’s a common goal to restore a normal, pandemic free society.