Outer Banks Show Review

Outer Banks Show Review

 Outer Banks(OBX) has come out with their long-awaited season 3. OBX fans went crazy as soon as the show came out. Some even stayed up all night to binge-watch the new episodes. The most important thing is that the fans enjoy the show enough for Netflix to continue the release of the show. 


Outer Banks first aired in 2020, and the show became very popular very quickly and made the top 10 on Netflix. The show is about the main character John B. Routledge, along with JJ Maybank, Sarah Cameron, Rafe Cameron, Kiara Carrera, Topper Thorton, and Pope Hayward embark on an adventure in search of lost treasure. The show consists of 3 seasons of action-packed, thrilling, and romance-infested that viewers enjoy.


In the show, there are 2 main groups into which the characters are divided up.  The first group is called the Pogues.  These are people who try to move up the social ladder to create “new versions” of themselves.  The characters that fall under this category are John B, Sarah, Kiara, JJ, Pope Hayward, and others characters.  The other group that the characters make up is called the Kooks.  These are the characters that are very wealthy and are the “elite” characters.  People who make up this group are Rafe, Topper, and many more.


Season 3 has been a ride for all the OBX fans. After being washed up on an island when they lost their gold, the teenagers embark on their greatest treasure hunt yet. This quest takes place in El Dorado, the lost city of gold. The complicated love that John and Sarah have soon starts to sort itself out when Sarah tells him that she wants to be with him. OBX fans went wild for this.  It’s been crazy with their relationship throughout season 1 and season 2.


Fans love the new thrill that comes with the new season. When the Crew gets stuck on the island of Poguelandia, they must find a way to survive, find the gold, and get off the island. Fans are shown that Ward is in a coma after the accident that happened in the season 2 finale. Throughout the rest of the season, the Crew faces all different types of challenges until the last episode. At the very end of the season, the Crew decides to set off on the adventure of finding Blackbeard’s treasure after a mysterious man asks them to. This leads to the cliffhanger that will be the start of season 4!


Even though the show is popular, many people think that this new season was not the best. Many say that some of the characters are irrelevant and need to be taken off the show. They feel that these characters do not advance the plot. Some also didn’t like the new adventures that they embarked on. Even though some people feel this way, this does not stop Outer Banks from making its way to the top 10 on Netflix and winning its way into many OBX fans’ hearts.


After the end of the season, fans were raving over the outcome and wondered if there was going to be another season. There has been an official announcement that season 4 of Outer Banks will come out in the summer of 2024. The estimated number of episodes that there are going to be is 10.  OXB fans can’t wait for the new season to be released. When the new season is released, be ready for it to shoot up the charts and try watching the show.