Image courtesy of Marvel Studios.

Marvel phase three ended Avengers: Endgame with a promise for new heroes and superhero teams, however, when COVID-19 hit, there was a delay in the production of these movies. Now as the world is slowly shifting back to semi-normal, Marvel is working on the release of their new superhero team movie Eternals. 


Eternals is coming out on Nov 5, 2021. This movie ancient alien race that has lived on the earth for seven thousand years. They were sent to protect the earth from the deviants that also act like a dysfunctional family. They were told not to interfere with human problems unless deviants were the cause of the problem. After the earth’s population has been restored it created the energy for “ the emergence,” and they are now being pushed back into action. 


Like almost all Marvel movies, their story comes from the comics. Phoenix Schmidt, an avid comic book reader and follower stated, “Eternals are celestial beings because a long time ago the celestials were created, and then because of experiments they were divided into two groups. The Eternals are the nice looking ones with superpowers ( well they all have superpowers of sorts), but the Eternals are the nice looking ones. The deviants are the uglier ones, the mess-ups from the experiments, and so they tend to be outcasts which turned them eventually evil. So they are both locked in an internal battle.”  


Whether or not that is the case for the movie remains a mystery for now. At the beginning of phase four, there was a promise made to fans that there would be more diversity in race, culture, gender, and LGBTQIA+. As of now, they have upheld that promise with Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings having a mainly Asian cast, and with Black Widow showing a female protagonist with mainly female roles. Eternals is said to top both of those in both ways with a cast that “has two no people of the same race” and with the main cast having several female leads. It’s even going around that there is a gay couple in this movie. Most fans are excited for these changes “As long as they’re properly represented. As in showing genuine types of people from those backgrounds as opposed to stereotypes or making jokes about those types of people. Then I’m all for it.”  


Not only is the movie plot promising, but the people behind the movie are as well. The movie’s director Cholè Zhao is a Chinese-born woman that has almost total control over the movie which doesn’t happen a lot. With one academy award, two golden globes, and British Academy film award round under her belt most people feel that the movie is in good hands


This movie has a lot to live up to with the Avengers movies being what came before them, but most fans are excited to see where phase four is going. Schmidt says “I have pretty high standards for marvel because of what they’ve put out in recent years (2020 excluded), but I mean, I am excited to see where they go with this plotline.”