Drivers License


Lauren Hamby, Assistant Editor

Olivia Rodrigo, a 17 year old, just hit number one on The Billboard Top 100s chart with her newly released song Drivers License. The song was based on a previous breakup Olivia Rodrigo went through. The song was originally released on Instagram and after Olivia had multiple fans encouraging her to release a full version which she did. Students at Cape Central High School have been listening to the song for a few weeks, and expressing their honest opinions. When asking CHS sophomore Tad Couch how he felt about the song Driver’s license he answered with “I feel very strongly about the song. It’s one of my favorites.¨ Other students of CHS have also used these statements about the song as well. 

The students of CHS were asked if they had listened to the song, and 72% of the students answered with yes they have. Fifty Five percent of the students surveyed at CHS also said they enjoyed listening to the song. 

Different reasons why people enjoy the song include: It’s relatable, Is an all around great song, is emotional, and some students have added that they like the song just because of how good Olivia´s voice is. 

On the other hand some students selected that they don’t like the song, different reasons for that would include: It sounds too emotional, It isn’t a preferred song style, and it’s annoying. Some students just chose not to listen to it, but they don’t enjoy nor dislike. 

Throughout the last week or two the views of Driver’s License have increased heavily, some students at CHS have added this song to their playlist, memorized it, and have made it a part of their routine to include it within their day. Some students relate to the song so much and that is why they chose to listen to it so often. 

Lastly, sophomore Katie Freeman shared on why she enjoyed listening to the song. Freeman added, “I enjoy this song so much, because it’s so relatable and has great vibes.”

The hit song with over 88 million views on the music video and is increasing as we speak has impacted many students in either smaller or bigger ways. Some students are tired and annoyed, but others cant stop listening. This is just an example of just how much music affects everyday life.