Common Freshman Fears

The Tiger Staff and Isaiah Sterling

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If you’re reading this and you’re a freshman, please continue.

Imagine you just entered your high school as a freshman on the first day of school. Your palms are sweating, your head is pounding, and your stomach is beginning to knot. What’s wrong with you?

In reality, nothing’s wrong. A thing called fear has hit. That’s okay…The Tiger Staff is here to help.

Let’s be honest, anyone who has been a freshman knows that high school can be everything other than an experience without fear. Here are some common fears that most freshmen have.

1. Getting Lost

We admit it, Cape Central High is a big school. Remembering the location of 7 academic hallways, music classes, athletic locker rooms, offices, and gyms is sometimes a challenge. Our staff wants to let you in on a little secret. Finding your way around CHS is not that difficult after a week or so. Believe it or not, there are bigger high schools than CHS. Therefore, we recommend keeping those students in mind when we hear freshmen saying they are going to get lost. And hey, if you ever get lost, don’t hesitate to ask a trusted student or teacher for help. And if you’re feeling extra, a hand-sketched map never hurt anybody.

2. Not Having Anyone to Sit by at Lunch

This is a biggie. As a staff, we hear this one all the time! We have the tea on this situation. On your first day, make sure you connect with students in every single one of your classes. So yes, this means asking them what lunch they have! If you don’t, you’ll be the kid that is awkwardly standing around looking for someone to sit with. If you’re feeling bold, you do you. Sometimes there is nothing better than meeting someone new on the first day of school that could totally be your BFF.

3. Upperclassman

We understand you were just an 8th grader and you were probably the coolest kid at school. Well, all of this has changed. Juniors and seniors have now taken that position from you. But get this – juniors and seniors won’t be on a mission to make you feel unwanted. Now, if you are doing things like walking on the wrong side of the hallway, being obnoxious, or coming for a junior or senior in a negative way you may be getting yourself into some trouble. Guys, just don’t be afraid to reach out to upperclassmen if you need to. You’d be surprised how willing they are to help or just talk with you if you have the courage to start something.