SEMO Athletic Leadership Conference

Casey Barwick, Editor

On September 11, the SEMO Athletic Conference held its first Leadership Conference. This year, the meeting held up to 300 different students from Central, Notre Dame, Saxony, Jackson, and many other local high schools, all ensconced in the mass of Kinder Hall. During the conference, the students listened to multiple speakers, were split into smaller groups for discussions on leadership and social responsibilities, and were able to go into many the classrooms of Music City for a closer, more personal talk from one of the conference leaders. In 2019, around 30 Cape Central students were chosen to attend the meeting. Following are the names of all the selected students: Brayden Baker, Dawson Bevins, Nathan Caldwell, Tad Couch, Megan Davis, Ava Duncan, Evie Frazier, Marcus Gibson, Erica Goodin, Arianna Harris, Macee Hoskins, Dylan Jordan, Jocelyn King, Logan King, Olivia, Koch, Toby Lin, Anthony Mackins, Zoe Mayfield, Jack Maxton, Ava Nelson, Kaya Newkirk, Josh Pullen, Tyrus Reddin, Caroline Robison, Jack Rusten, Sophia Sapp, Grace Sanders, Bryonna Thomas, Doreante Tucker, Ella Vogel, Cameren Walley, McKensi Williams.