Tyler Talks: Some Closing Words


Tyler Sikes, Journalist

This isn’t just an online news article, this is a message to the audience. Wherever you are, whoever you are, take this how you will.

For students, the school year is ending, meaning Summer is starting. Vacations are either being planned or have already been planned, athletes are looking forward to the summer camp programs, work opportunities are opening up. But for everyone, a new journey is around the corner. This means new friends will come together for the first time outside of school, new paths in life will take you on a journey, but where the journey takes you is in the fate of your own hands. Take a risk, you only live one life, make it memorable. Go out and explore what the world has to offer you. Stop hiding in your mom’s basement playing Fortnite, get out. Many of you have driver permits or driver licenses, so plan a new trip. We are already in the middle of 2019, meaning our Junior class will be graduating in less than a year. Students are meant to be kids, so what are you waiting for?

For everyone, you will only live in the Summer of 2019 or the remainder of 2019 once. When 2019 is gone, it’s not coming back. If you are in any doubt of fear, know that there is someone out there who is willing to support you. If it’s mental problems, relationship, family, whatever it may be, take the hand of the person willing to help and let them help. Any attempt to help or support is better than none at all. One thing that personally disturbs me is when someone is struggling with an issue, and then they will only text someone that they need help. A person can try to show their emotions through texts or emojis, but the majority of the time, the meaning of the text can be mistaken. Call someone. The tone can be felt in a phone call, not necessarily through text. Call each other, check up on one another, call just to ask to hang out so a conversation can actually be carried through rather than a simple response such as “K.”

Take this how you may. No one has an identical thought process 24/7.

Till next time,

Tyler Sikes