Movie review: Breakthrough


Jacob Grant, Journalist

Breakthrough is a movie that was released in April of 2019. This movie is based on a true story that happened in Lake St. Louis, Missouri. One in which a couple adopts an infant boy, who at the time in which the movie takes place, is a teenager. This boy plays basketball and his family is very religious. The boy’s name is John. Like most teenagers at this time, John is very rebellious and has slight attitude issues. Joyce Smith is the adoptive mother of John Smith, who is very controlling as a person and extremely religious. She holds several meetings within the church for women and is very protective over John.

At one point during the movie, John is hanging out with several of his friends on a frozen lake. This lake then cracks, throwing John and his friends into the water. Emergency responders are then called in to save the boys. John at this point is completely submerged underwater. Once pulled out he is taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. It is through the prayer and faith of Joyce that John again gains a pulse. This baffles the staff at the hospital who airlifts John to the best drowning survivor doctor. Again, they are told that even if the boy survives he will never be the same. John is then kept in a coma state so his body can recover.

Then, the family decides to wake John up and rely on the power of God to save their son. Overall, the movie is a good movie and shows a test of faith, love, and overall strength.