30 Random Things To Do When Bored At Home During the Summer

Hannah Hansen, Journalist

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We all have those days when we just have nothing to do. Here are some creative ways to combat the boredom:


  1. Try out a new recipe
  2. Write a poem
  3. Sing a song
  4. Have a one-man dance party
  5. Sit upside down on the couch
  6. Complete a puzzle
  7. Prank call your friends
  8. Watch a sad movie
  9. Make your own movie
  10. Try to decide what movie to watch but end up watching nothing
  11. Learn Morse Code
  12. Build a pillow fort
  13. Refuse to come out of the pillow fort unless told to do so in Morse Code
  14. Search for loose change in the couch
  15. If you’re 18, register to vote
  16. Pay your bills
  17. Do your taxes
  18. Spontaneously die your hair
  19. Spontaneously cut your hair
  20. Spontaneously rearrange your room completely
  21. Start a blog
  22. Start a YouTube channel
  23. Realize it’s never gonna go anywhere and delete it
  24. Start a DIY project you’ll never finish
  25. Light a fire (but in a fireplace)
  26. Paint your nails
  27. Make a new look
  28. Take a bubble bath
  29. Write and send a letter
  30. Find a better list of things to do when you’re bored 🙂