How To: Have A Healthy Relationship


Hannah Hansen, Journalist

When in a relationship there are key things needed to make sure it goes well and stays happy. There has to be an individual effort and dual effort. Relationships on their own are a lot of work, a healthy one is even more work, but it’s worth it in the end.

Before even getting into a relationship you have to be able to love yourself.

How can you be ready or able to care for and love someone else when you can’t care for and love yourself? When you are comfortable and happy with yourself, it makes it easier to be happy and comfortable around your partner.

Communication in a relationship is the key.

That isn’t a saying for no reason. Communication includes talking to each other in person and apart, being honest with each other, letting the other know what’s going on in their lives. If you have an argument or misunderstanding, it is best to talk it out. If your partner is upset with you, ask for forgiveness even if you believe you did nothing wrong. Never hold a grudge and never yell at each other.

Respect is another huge factor to maintain happiness and unity with your partner.

You will have different tastes and opinions on things and it is best to recognize your partner’s feelings are valid. You should not bash or belittle them for the things they like or have faith in. Respect who your partner is. If you do not like something about them, keep it to yourself. Do not talk about it to your friends or in public. It can only cause a divide between you.

Remember where your commitments are.

You have agreed and devoted yourself to this person and they should be your first priority. Yes, it is good to have personal time and fun time with your friends, but you should not neglect your partner. Support them in what they do and their interests. Go see their sports games or arts performances, encourage them in their hobbies and other work. Make sure they know you care for them and want to be there.

Most of all, keep the romance alive.

Continue to flirt with your partner, take them on dates, get the little gifts, or write sweet notes. You need to show them that you still care and want to keep them in your life, show them that the things that first attracted you still are. Make sure to show them care and affection.

All relationships are different and require different things to keep them going. But these things will help start and maintain any relationship. Find the other things that help you and your partner in your relationship and remember to keep it healthy. 🙂