How To: Exercise When You Don’t Want To Go To The Gym

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How To: Exercise When You Don’t Want To Go To The Gym

Hannah Hansen, Journalist

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It’s cold. I don’t want to change. My phone isn’t charged. I can’t find my headphones for my music. I don’t have a workout playlist. Those are all excuses made to not go to the gym. It is vital to exercise and to keep up with your physical health. However, it can get hard to go out in public to the gym. But, there are exercises and things you can do at home to keep your body in shape.


Pick a Time

When trying to work out at home you must pick a time. If not, exercising will be put off later and later, and pretty soon it will never have happened. Schedule a time every day that can be devoted to exercise and will not be interrupted.


Make Up a Routine

Just like making sure you have a set time, making up a routine will help you keep on task. Research exercises and stretches and write them down to make a routine. Be sure to not do anything too hard on your body, work up to it.


Get Creative

You are at home, there are plenty of things around you that can be used as the equipment for the gym. Go up and down the stairs to work on your legs. Use the wall to do some pushups. If you want a snack, use going to the fridge as an excuse to do some squats.


Working out and exercising is not the hard part, it’s just getting to it. But when once someone sets their mind to it, they can’t be stopped. 🙂