How To: Decompress From The Stress

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How To: Decompress From The Stress

Hannah Hansen, Journalist

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Stress seems to be everywhere in our high school lives. It gets in the way of school work, projects, extracurricular activities, and so much more. Here are some things pertaining to mind and body to help reduce stress and prevent it from getting too severe.


Getting active is one of the best physical stress relievers. It not only keeps you distracted from your worries, but it can boot up your endorphins making you feel so much better. You don’t have to jump right in and run a marathon, just start out with a brisk walk.

Drinking fluids is a good idea and can really help the body. However, not just any liquid will do. Water is the best thing for you with tea coming in as a close second. The five best teas to drink when you’re stressed are peppermint, chamomile, lemon, passion flower, and green. Avoid drinking caffeine and energy drinks. Large amounts can increase anxiety.

Stress eating isn’t the best route to combat stress. We tend to choose unhealthy and sugar-rich foods and things harmful to our bodies. The best way to combat this is to indulge in more healthy options. For example, dark chocolate is on the healthy side and can improve your mood. Carbohydrates, dairy, and vitamin C can help you to relax and feel better. So don’t be afraid to sit down with a big plate of pasta and a glass of milk.

Nothing is better than the sweet escape of sleep in any stressful situation. However, getting the sleep schedule that you need is a bit of work. You need to be able to go to bed early enough to get the 8 hours of sleep a high schooler needs. Spending some time to calm and wind down before going to bed. It can help you sleep better and get the rest you need.



One of the best things is sit down, figure out what is causing all your stress, and write it down. When you identify the source it will help you to solve your problem and help eliminate the stress.

A lot of unnecessary stress comes from overscheduling ourselves. We find that we sign ourselves up for more than we can handle at a time. Learn to manage a schedule. Buy yourself a planner and write it down so you don’t forget. Most importantly, learn how to say no. It’s okay to decline someone when they ask you to do something for them. Recognize that it is too much for you and politely say no.

Calming yourself down is a good way to keep stress at bay and eliminate panic attacks. Put on some music that makes you happy, something relaxing. Soft music and nature sounds are a great idea for a quick way to calm down.

Don’t forget that you need to breathe. Breathing is the most important thing. Look into some breathing exercises and techniques. Meditate in your room or look up a yoga class.

It can prevent you from hyperventilating and can help regulate your heartbeat.


Stress can lead to many more serious problems in the future if not dealt with and taken care of soon as we can. Your health is very important. Learn the best ways for you to deal with your stress. It is your responsibility. Don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand. 🙂