Red Bull vs. Monster


Cape Central High School students filled out a survey on the energy drink they like more. Monster is preferred by  86.9% of students and 13.1% prefer Red Bull. Of students that filled out a survey, 41.7% say they drink energy drinks for the taste, 36.9% say for extra energy, 21.4% say they drink them because of caffeine addiction. 


According to How energy drinks affect your body within 24 hours, when caffeine enters the bloodstream after ten minutes of consuming an energy drink, it triggers the heart rate and blood pressure.


Therefore, energy drinks cause many problems in the human body. Energy drinks can often improve physical performance. Although drinking a regular or a low-calorie Monster can give people four out of eight vitamins, it also causes many bigger problems. One large 12 oz can contains 108 mg of caffeine, almost the same amount as a cup of coffee. Even though energy drinks are unlikely to cause heart problems for healthy adults, it causes a significant amount for younger people. With their body still trying to develop, energy drinks can often cause an abnormal heart rate, heart attacks, and risk of tooth damage. Drinking energy drinks can cause blood pressure issues and caffeine overdoses. 


Sometimes young drinkers feel stressed with many different obstacles in their high school or college career. They have trouble sleeping, so energy drinks can give students the extra boost they need to get through the day. Other alternatives to keep from drinking too many energy drinks include cold showers, drinking more water, eating healthier foods, and exercising. Drinking one energy drink will last 10 hours. 

Monster Zero Ultra is by far the healthiest energy drink to consume. Monster Zero Ultra doesn’t contain any carbs or sugars. Monster energy drinks contain 101 calories and 28 grams of sugar. Red bull has 29 grams of sugar and 168 calories. A sugar-free Red Bull contains 20 calories. Many health issues come along with drinking energy drinks. These things are unlikely to happen with just one Red Bull or one Monster, but over a long period of time energy drinks can affect your physical health.