There’s No Place Like Homecoming


Happy homecoming week, Tigers! This week is an exciting one as homecoming festivities are in full swing. There is much excitement and anticipation surrounding homecoming this year because Covid-19 truly affected the experience last year. Here is all you need to know about homecoming 2021… 

Spirit week theme days were created in association with this year’s theme: There Is No Place Like Homecoming

Monday – Dream like Dorothy (Wear your PJs) 

Tuesday – Good and Wicked Witch (Dress Like A Famous Duo) 

Wednesday – Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Seniors – Red, Juniors – Yellow, Sophomores – Green, Freshman – Blue, Staff – Purple) 

Thursday – Lions, Tigers, and Bears (Wear Animal Print)

Friday – No Place Like home (Wear Orange and Black) 

It was highly encouraged that you participate in the spirit days. To stick with the theme, each main hallway of CHS was decorated as a part of The Wizard of Oz. This week, the science department is a haunted forest with flying monkeys and the English department is Munchkinland. 

Spirit week was created to stir anticipation for the homecoming football game at the end of the week. This game kicks off the festivities of the weekend (hopefully with a win). This year, the game will take place at home, on October 8, against Poplar Bluff. The theme for the jungle is Pink Out, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the students will meet at the flagpole in front of the school at 6:30pm. Friday night we will also be honoring our senior football players, cheerleaders, band members, and introducing the homecoming court. EVERYONE is welcome and we hope to see you there! Let’s all come together to cheer on our Tigers to victory. 

Saturday night, the homecoming dance will take place at Central High School from 8-11pm. Admission is $5 and the king and queen will be announced at the dance.

The 2021 Fall Homecoming candidates:

Caroline Robinson and Logan Mizicko 

Emily Ford and Elias Theall

Tambria Wilson and Kenneth McDonald

Ella Vogel and William Jones

Libby Ogburn and Gage Moore

Jalee Spain and Owen Groves

Rileigh Stevens and Garrison Cabral

Paige Sides and Ethan Groves

Lydia Strickland and Jashawn Sterling

Lamiyah Mackins and Cameron Harris