Furry Facts


People love pets. They can have many differences. Big or small, fluffy or no fur at all! The focus of this article is all on the hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, ferrets, and even chinchillas. The first hurdle for a new pet owner is, of course, information. 


Hayleigh Biggerstaff, an employee at Petco who handles the animals, states “You would just have to go online, I know there are several brands that will help you decide what to get.” 


The second issue? Money! For a pet alone, the cost ranges from $5-$300, depending on the pet you want and where you buy it.  


The last step is the supplies. Biggerstaff states, “With the hamsters they’re going to need the cage, a hiding place is really crucial for them because they are nocturnal. Also, for the hamsters they need wood chews for their teeth, it keeps their teeth healthy, so they don’t overgrow them.” The cost for the Kaytee starter cage kits (including bedding, a water bottle, a food bowl, and the cage) are $36.99 for the hamster or mice home (which also includes a wheel), $114.99 for a guinea pig or rabbit home. This does not include the price of treats, food, or other specific needs certain small pets will need. 


As a pet owner, you need to care. Care about your pet, and care for their home. Essential for when you are considering buying a pet, is that you do your research. Every pet is different. They have unique needs, and different personalities. Your job is to learn those needs and to provide for the animal you have chosen. 


What is also important to remember is, they are animals. They will bite and scratch. In moderation, this is normal. If it is constant or the animal shows abnormal behavior, you should consult a veterinarian. 


Animals can be fun and loving creatures. If you treat them right, they can be your best friends. It is good to remember that they rely on you. Biggerstaff says, “It’s a process honestly, you’re not going to just get one and know what to do because whenever you get a pet, they’re going to be oddballs.” IMG_2819.HEIC