2021 Tiger Golf Pre-season Analysis


Tad Couch, Journalist

The Cape Central Men’s and Women’s Golf team is facing a tough challenge ahead. With only fifteen members on the JV and Varsity teams combined, the lone Senior Yuktee Srikant will be looked upon to provide the Central Tigers Golf team with experience and leadership.

Coach Scott Sanders is very optimistic about entering the 2021 season. Sanders emphasized the importance of practicing hard this preseason, saying, “The ‘key’ to success is buying into the concept of continual practice throughout the year. Muscle memory can only be developed through repetition.” Continual practice is very important for incoming Sophomore and Freshman golfers who have never had the opportunity to tee off in a high school match before. Coronavirus canceled the Tigers’ golf season in 2020, causing the golfers to lose a year of experience and practice that would have been extremely beneficial to their high school golf careers.

Many golfers, such as Junior Ethan McMillian, have been working extremely hard to prepare for the upcoming season. Coach Sanders said, “Some players put in a good amount of time during our summer practices and that should lead to more success this season.” With many hours being logged at the driving range and on the course, Central golfers will hopefully be able to display their skills during their upcoming matches.

The Cape Central Golf squad will spring into action at Kimbeland Golf Course in Jackson on March 23.