Cape Central CyberPatriots


Cyber Patriots squeeze together for a group photo.

The JROTC CyberPatriot team has had an unbelievable amount of success this year. The team focuses on cyber-security skills and they look at operating systems, attempting to find anything that could make the software weak, then they work on it in order to make it stronger and safer. This prevents any hacking and viruses, something that has become the “norm” in today’s technology. The team consists of Colonel Goodin, Gregg Hallman (12),,Nicholas Hodges (11), Nicholas Stearns (11), Aaron Wren (11), Zander Stewart (11), and Olivia Garagnani (11), and Zachary Hodges (9). They are an amazing team, and are the reigning Missouri State Champs as well as being ranked in the top 10% in the country proves it!

The CHS CyberPatriot team is beyond what you would imagine. From scholarships, leadership and job opportunities, the organization offers a lot to our CHS students. While competing against 700 other schools, their placement is a huge achievement for the group. When asked about how he felt about the team, Colonell Goodin stated, “Well I’m very proud of them and their tremendous potential with computers.” Along with Goodin, the CT family is very proud of them. 

Many softwares the team has to work with, one being the Linux system. Junior NIcholas Stearns is in charge of the system. When asked what he liked most about his position on the team, Stearns said, “I really like the sense of being independent, being responsible for your own things, and being able to come together as a team to work through any problems.” Stearns works alongside such a supportive team and it is super helpful knowing you can count on them when the team experiences trouble. Many people have been supportive of the team outside of CHS. Stearns stated, “We had some great mentors come over from Semo to teach us and somehow in our first year of the program, we finished first in the state and won a state title.” Although the program isn’t the most simple thing, they make it look easy. 

Another position or job on the team is the observer. Junior Olivia Garagnani holds the position observer for the team. Although she cannot participate, she still plays a big role in supporting and cheering her teammates along. After being asked about her position, Garagnani said “I am still allowed to go to practices and watch competitions, but I like how we are able to learn from each other and how the team is good at collaborating to solve problems.” 

While trying to train and prepare for events, the CyberPatriots team has been working hard to recruit new members. There is no military commitment and like everyone told us at orientation, try something new! It never hurts to test the waters and see what you like. When asked what he would say to someone considering joining, Stearns implied, “I would just say talk to the cadets, email Cornel Goodin, and get started. The program is really fun and we can assist you if there is something you are interested in.” They are a very helpful group and there are many ways of contributing to the team.