Cape Girardeau Public Library


Ella Rose Ferguson, Editor

Are you wondering what all our public library located on 711 Clark Street has to offer? Or maybe, you didn’t even know that this resource existed. A survey filled out by 37 CHS students revealed that all of these students, except one, have visited the public library at least once. The library not only offers a variety of genres of books to read, but also free wifi and computers accessible to anyone, as well as a number of other resources!

Cody Paulsen, a current student teacher at CHS stated, “We have several people that are in every day to use computers just because they aren’t able to have internet access at home.”.

The employees at the public library are consistently helpful and always have a smile along with a positive attitude. It is not hard to notice the happy and positive attitude and energy of the staff.

Paulsen stated, “I love it. It is the best job I have ever had.”.

The public library offers books in a children’s section, teen section, and adult/general section! There are also dvd and blu ray movies! With a library card as a CHS or Cape Public School student, you can check out up to 100 resources! So take advantage of this by getting a good read, and maybe the film version of your book!

Paulsen added, “All Cape students qualify for a Cape Schools Card. It can be for you as a student, or for your entire household! Everyone in your household will be eligible for one card, that’s something I don’t think many people know about and it has been something newer that we recently changed. Even if you live outside the district, you would still qualify for a limit five card, where you can check out five items.”.

Because of all the resources available to the people, there are many different reasons occasions you could make a trip to our beautiful library!

In the survey sent to CHS students, it revealed that 83.8% of students have gone to the library to get a book. 32.4% went for an event, 32.4% have gone to use computers, 32.4% have gone to get out of their home, 37.8% have went to study, 24.3% have gone to relax, and 2.7% have gone to hang out with their friends!

Prior to covid, the public library was a place where many came to either have alone time, study, meet up with friends or attend events. Sadly, due to the pandemic, many of these things have been difficult to provide. However, that does not take away from the peaceful, calming atmosphere of the public library.

“Whenever we don’t have those protocols, then we have tons of people come through, whether they are high school students or college students. We have study rooms so if people need to use study rooms whether they’re a student or a nontraditional student (an adult going back to school that’s in college), or someone who may just need to be on a conference call they can use the study rooms!”.

In order to reserve a study room, make sure you call (573) 334-5279 to make a reservation!

Our public library is open Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM. Go take advantage of the many resources available to you and your family and friends!