Are Teenagers Politically Aware?


Kalee Armstrong, Journalist

“I get my news from my grandma yelling,” said Jailyn Garmon. Many people view teenagers as lazy and clueless, especially in today’s age of technology. With America’s escalated political climate, teenagers have a daring future with many decisions to make. The question is, are teenagers really politically aware enough to make these daring decisions?

In a survey done at Cape Central High School, 70 percent replied yes to being aware of the political climate. In today’s age of political controversy, people are constantly being bombarded with politics. Many teenagers feel that they need to form political opinions even when they aren’t eligible to vote, but voting isn’t the only way to promote change. A Cape Central Sophomore, Skylar Cook, says that the internet is allowing teenagers to play a bigger role in society. Movements such as LGBTQ+ rights and BLM are good examples that show teenagers trying to make a difference in their communities. The internet has also allowed people to access more information and see other points of view. Skylar believes this to be a reason that the younger generations are more accepting. 

Hikmat Roumany, a student at Cape Central, says, “Many teenagers get involved in political aspects.” Organizations, clubs, and fundraisers are all ways that the younger generation can make a difference, but in order to make a change, people need to know what they want. They need to form their own political opinions. With a deep divide between liberals and conservatives, this decision is hard to make. When surveyed, 81 percent of the participants claimed that teenagers were more liberal than conservative. Many people see the younger generations as more progressive than previous generations. 

Teenagers are heavily influenced by their surroundings. Many teens get their information and opinions from peers, parents, and social media. Some people agree with their parents, while others are rebellious against their parents’ old fashioned values. This creates an interesting political environment with many different sides. Roumany says, it is important for people to do their research so that they know what they are advocating for and don’t spread false information. With all the technology, it is easier than in the past to educate people, which overall improves society. 

Despite the disregard from adults and the controversial social climate, the majority of teenagers are politically aware. They inform themselves with the resources available to them, such as social media. Through education and political movements, people are making a change. Teenagers may be making more of a difference than ever before.