The Cars of CHS


Kate Buckley, Journalist

Three Chevrolet Camaros, one Tesla, one Dodge Challenger, and one 2005 Nissan Limited edition Sentra.

In the Cape Central High School parking lot, there are many different cars with many interesting stories behind them. Senior Paige Elder has a 2005 Nissan Limited Edition Sentra. Elder said, “One time I was in the Andy’s drive thru and I dropped my debit card behind the driver’s seat. I got out of the car to pick up my card. My passenger started screaming because I forgot to put the car in park, but it was too late. I had already hit the car in front of me.” 

She also said that another time was when it was raining, she hit the back of a truck. They pulled off to the side of the road and absolutely nothing was wrong with the man’s truck, but her whole license plate was ripped off and landed in the middle of the street. She said, “I am a much better driver now” and that “people shouldn’t be afraid to get in the car with me.”

Keristane Monahan, a senior, drives a bright yellow 2011 Chevrolet Camaro. She said, “When Corona hit my work was closed so I got unemployment. I sold my older car because it was a piece of crap. We then went to a dealership in Jackson and asked what the cheapest car they had was, and it was a Camaro so I hurried up and got it. A Chevy Camaro has always been my dream car.” 

Monahan also said, “When I was test driving it, I went extremely fast on a back road and my mom is scared of fast/sports cars, and she started screaming at me and saying that she wasn’t going to let me get it. Also, when people check my car out they are very surprised that a ‘little girl’ like me is driving it.

Paige Elder’s and Keristane Monahan’s stories are not the only interesting aspects of the CHS parking lot. Each dent on every car has a different story and their tales are waiting to be told.