Freshman Fears


Ben Sanders, Journalist

Every high school student has been a Freshman and knows the worries and uncertainties that come with that. Twenty different Freshmen shared what they were scared or worried about before high school.

Most Freshmen had very similar responses, with most worried about how they were going to be viewed coming in. “My biggest fear was becoming friends with upperclassmen and other guys on the football team.” Max Vogel, said. 

Coming into high school, no Freshman wants to be made fun of by their upperclassmen. Freshmen can be easily intimidated, as they don’t know much about high school and don’t really know as much about themselves.

Another popular worry among Freshman is grades. The high school has a much higher workload than middle school or junior high school. Harkin Cork stated that “The thing I’m most scared about is completing my homework on time, not being able to understand the lessons, and maintaining good grades.” 

Another student, Wyatt Ogle,  answered that “I’m worried about keeping up with more assignments, doing make up work, and not failing classes.” Both Harkin and Wyatt have been working hard to get good grades since coming into high school.  

Finally, a fear that a lot of incoming Freshman students have, is finding classes and avoiding trouble with teachers.

With Cape having such a big high school, finding classes is a serious issue for Freshmen. Nate Meadors was quoted saying “I’m scared of embarrassing myself by being late because I couldn’t find my class. I got made fun of[ last year at the junior high] at Cape for that.” 

Being a Freshman coming into high school is a lot of work and a lot of stress. Students can be really worried about high school, as they don’t have a lot of knowledge about how high school works. So for all incoming Freshmen, just remember to relax.