Homecoming Week 2020!


Cheerleading candidates, Takyra Williams and Elijah Wigfall, smile just prior to being crowned homecoming king and queen.

Libby Ogburn, Public Relations

Homecoming. The word alone creates excitement. Homecoming week is a tradition that every student looks forward to because it encompasses everything good about coming back to school and the fall semester. This year is no exception, although things are very different. This year CHS was unable to have an in-person pep assembly or a Homecoming dance to crown the homecoming king and queen. But these obstacles didn’t stop CHS. 

Spirit week was a huge hit this year. The themes ranged from Tourist Tuesday to Wild West Wednesday to Throwback Thursday. The student body proved to be very spirited as the halls were filled with tourists, cowboys, and 80’s girls. During this year’s spirit week, competition was taken to the next level because each day one female and male student were picked by the student body for having the most spirit. Each day the winners were rewarded with a candy prize and the week’s winners received a gift card. Wednesday’s Winner, Nathan Caldwell says, “I love spirit week! I think it’s a fun way to get everyone involved and excited about homecoming! It’s cool to see what people do, especially when they go all out!” 

The homecoming football game took place on October 16th against St. Clair at home. Attendance was high and many people were excited to watch the coronation. Many students showed out, despite the cold and in their pink, to support our football team. Although the outcome wasn’t what we were hoping for, the night was still extremely fun. Unfortunately , the Tigers lost 35-7. Varsity player and court candidate, Henry Brown said, “I felt pretty good about the game. I felt like our team did well with the pieces we had and I was very excited for halftime!” 

The winners of this years court were announced during halftime at the homecoming football game this year. All of the candidates lined up on the football field at halftime and the winner was announced. Both of the cheerleading candidates won, Takyra Williams and Elijah Wigfall! “It was a pretty shocking moment! I didn’t think I was going to win…” said Wigfall. And Williams reacted with this, “After I found out that I won I was so ecstatic! I feel so complete that I won something before I graduated!” Congratulations Takyra and Elijah! 

To make up for the fact that the school was unable to have our annual homecoming pep rally, the teachers and their subject departments teamed up to make a virtual pep rally for the students. This included a virtual marching band performance, cheerleading performance, and some good (and bad) dancing. It was a big hit among the students. 

Another exciting part of homecoming was that Student Senate took it upon themselves to decorate the hallways for homecoming week. To go along with the 2020 theme, Road Trip, each hallway was decorated to represent a major US city. Some crowd favorites were the English and Science hallways; transformed into New Orleans, the Big Easy, and the busy streets of New York City. The other main hallways were Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Student Senate member, Paige Elder said, “Decorating the halls for hoco made the week more exciting because we couldn’t actually have a dance this year!” This was such a fun touch because it just created an atmosphere of excitement in the school!