The Plournal

CHS Student Starts a Planner/Journal Business

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Ella Rose Ferguson, a Sophomore at Cape Central High School, recently came out with her very own creation of a Plournal (Planner/Journal). Ferguson started this hand-drawn creation over quarantine and recently made her business public to everyone including friends and family. Ferguson’s social media platforms include Instagram and Facebook, and she has an online website along with herself, her friends, and her family helping spread the word about her $25 Plournal. Ferguson added, “Sales are going amazing! We launched on Wednesday the 14th and we have already ordered our next set of 250! It’s great! It’s super exciting to see orders come in from all over the country! California, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, and many more! It’s crazy to wrap my head around it.”

Ferguson kept this process a surprise from most, other than close family and friends. Another help with Ferguson’s success was her very supportive family. She states, “They were the best. Many of them didn’t really find out about it until about three months into the process, but they were all so excited and were super good at being there for me and reassuring me about all of it. They also were great at putting up with my attitude and crankiness on the long workdays. My mom was definitely my biggest supporter. She is my biggest role model not only just in the business aspect of life but just to be a good person. She’s great at everything she does and she made sure everything was working smoothly behind the scenes and would sit down and look over all the pages.”

Along with her family being supportive, Ferguson also tells us a little about how she came up with her Plournal. Ferguson states, “It’s actually kind of a crazy story. So last Christmas I got a bullet journal and some pens, so I just started bullet journaling.  All my family was like, ‘Wow, that’s really cool I wish I had the time or creativity to sit down and do that.’ Then my mom being the amazing businesswoman she is, said, we should sell them. And I said, ‘O yeah, that would be cool,’ but I didn’t think much about it really. Then, quarantine happened and one day I came downstairs from my room and she was like ‘hey! So I have been emailing this publisher back and forth about publishing a bullet journal you create and they are really interested; we have a zoom meeting with them in a few days to discuss more details. And I thought, ‘What? OMG, that’s crazy!’ I never really thought about seriously doing it and so it all just kind of happened. My mom’s great like that.”

During quarantine, Ferguson worked for long periods of time to accomplish finishing her Plournal. Ferguson stated, “I think I started in about late March, and I finished in August. So about 5 and half/6 months. I usually would work around an hour a day, and sometimes many more than that, or some days I wouldn’t do much. It basically took place of school since we were out.” 

With Fergusons successes so far, she plans on hopefully getting some more things released. With this being said, Fergusons states, “I am planning to hopefully release some more things! I have got some ideas but right now really focusing on getting the Plournal™️ out there.”

Throughout the past few months Ferguson has been very successful. She believes teenagers like her are capable of so much. Ferguson states , “We need more teenage entrepreneurs in our world, our generation is amazing and we can do great things.”