What Happened To Kenneka Jenkins? (Conspiracy Theories )


Keyasia Jackson, Journalist

On September 10,2017, Kenneka Jenkins was celebrating getting started with nursing school at a hotel party with friends. Jenkins and her friends were all drinking and smoking when Jenkins drunkenly left the room. On the cameras in the hotel, one can see Jenkins stumbling as she is walking through the hallways. After a while, her friends couldn’t find Jenkins anywhere in the hotel. About an hour after Jenkins friends couldn’t find her, they finally called her mom and the police to help find Jenkins. The police finally found Jenkins in the kitchen freezer dead. Jenkins death made headlines and was all over social media and there were very many different theories people had. There were two big main theories that were being made about what happened that night. According to www.indepenent.co.uk the county medical examiner office stated her cause of death was hypothermia and the combination of alcohol and other things mixed together. But what people do not understand is how did Jenkins have enough strength to open a big freezer door when she barely had enough strength to walk in a straight line in the hallway. Jenkins had multiple injuries to her body so if she did go in the freezer herself why does she have so many bruises on her body.

The first big theory is that one of the boys at the hotel party liked Jenkins and she did not feel the same back. This theory came about during a live video one of her friends Irene Roberts was taking at the hotel party. When the live video came out, people say if you look close enough you can see Jenkins being ganged up on by a group of boys on the bed in the room. According to www.kissrichmond.com, Jenkins was being raped on the bed while Irene was on live and after they raped her they put her body in the freezer. Psychics also have done readings on what happened that night at the party and they stated that she was raped and killed after.

The second big theory is that her friends set her up and the hotel covered it up. After her death, there were many posts and rumors about her friends setting her up for money and that the situation went too far and she ended up dead. When this all came out about her friends setting her up, Irene Roberts and Jenkins other friend Monifa Shelton deactivated their pages because they were being bashed so much. This website www.kissrichmond.com states after getting bashed the girls made an emotional post about the situation and their friendship with her. The hotel covering the incident came about when Jenkins mom stated that the hotel wouldn’t look at the security video when she first went missing and they released the photos of her dead body to the public.  

This case is a very sad and unfortunate situation. Jenkins was someone’s daughter, sister, friend, cousin, niece, and grandchild, and her life was taken away from her. This case in my opinion was not an accident, the evidence just doesn’t add up to an accident. But what do you think?