Black History Month

De La Cruz

Jurnee Mcknight, Journalist


The month of February is when Black History Month is celebrated nationwide. All over the world, individuals celebrate this month to acknowledge and appreciate many African Americans who have gone unnoticed. This annual celebration is only celebrated one month of the year to recognize the central role of blacks and their achievements in U.S history. It acknowledges accomplishments that have inspired individuals, left a mark on something or someone’s life and remembrance of an event or person. African Americans come together to recognize their shared ancestors’ rich past, a past that has been hidden from them over the years. This time is taken to give African Americans and others the opportunity to learn about contributions and accomplishments that have been historically taken for granted. Learning about the past of ancestors is important for education and inspiration.

Here at Cape Central High, our school offers a Black History Month Celebration and everyone is welcome. It’s an event we have been offering since 2017-2018. The event this year was hosted by a history teacher at Cape Central High, Mrs. Miller, and senior student of Cape Central High, Breawna Austin, to show appreciation for all accomplishments achieved by African Americans. While this is Ms. Miller’s first year hosting this event; it’s Breawna’s third year being involved heavily, but her second year hosting it.

When interviewing Miller, she was questioned about what she specifically offers for the Black History Month celebration and her reply was, “I was the teacher sponsor for the event, which it’s completely student-led. So, really it just involves me being a warm body that’s willing to represent and vouch for them if they need.” In her opinion, this celebration had a positive increase in popularity from last year. However, she believes that more students and staff got involved this year including Ms. Dela Cruz, the theatre department, and students. After being personally asked if Miller would host this event, she told Austin that she’d be proud to. Miller also stated that, “If I would’ve heard about it, I would have totally jumped at it because I think a lot of students treat black history like it only has to do with African Americans.” She thinks it’s related to all races no matter one’s heritage.. Miller made it clear that it should be more about the black culture and heritage. As a history teacher, Miller claimed that being open-hearted and open-minded allows others and herself the ability to educate individuals on this subject. “I was really happy to be a part of it!” Miller exclaimed.

When interviewing Austin, she was questioned about what she particularly offers for the Black History Month celebration and her response was, “We offer a time to come together no matter race, nor background. It’s a common safe place to celebrate black culture.” In her belief, she as well as Miller, thinks that the popularity has increased over the years. Austin has expressed that many students got involved this year of 2019-2020. She stated, “In the past, we only had CHS students get involved, but this year was different. I brought in many outside people.” Being able to get individuals outside of Cape Central High shows Austin’s passion for what she does. She was able to gather many friends and families during this event and anyone can find that inspiring. When asked what inspires Austin about this event, she replied, “Black History can’t and won’t fit into a single month. It’s not something that’s only about slavery. African Americans today are history. Not taking what we are currently given for granted in this country and to never forget the dark past that made us who we are today.”

Showing appreciation to the black culture/heritage then and now is what made this event significant to acknowledge all African Americans who deserve it. 

Both of these individuals, Miller and Austin, have had a huge positive impact on others just by hosting the Black History Month celebration event. It has been recognized by many people and hopefully, it will continue to grow over the years.