The Rising Educators Club


Kaitlyn Melton

This is academic math support hosted by Mrs. Sebaugh.

Kaitlyn Melton, Journalist

The Rising Educators Club is a new organization dedicated to helping high school students find or develop their love for teaching. This club which is officially planning to start in the fall, has already started programs for students to participate in. This summer, any students who will be juniors or seniors in the fall can apply for a paid internship at minimum wage in areas such as, elementary(Grades PK-3), Middle School(Grades 4-5), and Special Education(Preschool, Elementary, and High School).  Shell, one of the advisers of Rising Educators says, “It will enable you to build relationships with teachers in our district, administrators in our district and you will have a teacher to mentor and help you.” For anyone who will be a Junior or Senior in the fall that is interested in applying, the applications will be available later in the spring and it will include reference checks.

One of the other opportunities that Rising Educators offers to students is job shadowing, which Shell says will be “throughout the year.” This program gives resources to all of the students to use as a stepping stone on their way to becoming professionals in their chosen careers. Shell states, “We’ll have a lot of guest speakers throughout the year and be able to have some resources for the students to have in their pockets if they want to go into the field of education one day.” This is an opportunity for any student interested in taking any type of career in education and will give a starting point to those with no idea where to start Shell says. For anyone interested in the program, that may have missed the first meeting, there will be a second meeting before school ends in May. For any student who has questions, go to Mrs. Shell in A hallway.