“Bryce Walker is Dead.”

Tyler Sikes, Journalist

But the question stands. “Who Killed Bryce Walker?”


If you haven’t seen Season 3 or even Season 2, spoilers ARE AHEAD!

Season 3 of Netflix’s hit show 13 Reasons Why is now streaming. The first official trailer gives us the main situation for this season, Bryce Walker has been murdered. But who killed Bryce Walker? Each episode pushed emphasis to prove that said person was the one that killed Bryce, but by the end of the episode, it would turn out they wouldn’t be the killer. So who is the killer?

Suspect 1: Jessica Davis

Being one of Bryce’s main victims to sexual assault, you would suspect her motive to murder Bryce would be high, and if you refer back to the end of Season 2, Hannah’s parents lost the court case to Liberty High, and Hannah was also one of Bryce’s victims. What better way to eliminate the enemy after not being punished for his acts?

Suspect 2: Montgomery de la Cruz

Being one of Bryce’s “brothers” since they were kids seems like an unlikely suspect to be the killer. But Monty sexually assaulted Tyler Down with a mop… yeah, a mop. If you haven’t seen the show, let your mind go wild. But Bryce actually takes the situation between Tyler and Monty very seriously, making it obvious to Monty at the Homecoming game for the season that Bryce doesn’t deal with that type of acts, the same night Bryce died. 

Suspect 3: Clay Jensen

Clay was the one that loved Hannah and cared for her. And Bryce was the one who sexually assaulted her in his hot tub. Bryce wins the trial against Hannah’s parents. Clay has every reason in the world to kill Bryce! But is he that type of kid? He stopped Tyler from the Spring Fling incident, but he took the gun with him. Did Clay’s mind just do a complete 180 once he had Tyler’s rifle?

If you wanna know who killed Bryce, season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix, so go find out for yourself!