Comeback Season


Libby Ogburn, Public Relations

High school football games and roaring crowds have been around as long as we can remember and nothing beats the satisfying feeling of ending the night with a dub.

Coming off of a disappointing 2018 season, the Cape Central Tigers need a change. New head coach, John Gibbs may be just what we need. “ I have been coaching for 35 years, this is my 31st year as a head coach,” states Gibbs. With his years of coaching experience and the fresh vibe he brings to the team, things might be different in years to come. The athletes alongside many students have high hopes for the 2019 season and years to come. Sophomore, Cameron Harris, claims, “ He’s a great coach who knows a lot about the game… the team’s momentum has changed a lot and were looking forward to a great season.” 

Gibbs’ motto’s are the foundation of the way he leads. He says, Work hard in everything you do everyday and everyday is a great day to have a great day.” These motto’s have helped coach in the past and now he is using them to educate those around him. When the entire team is on the same page, with the same state of mind, everything runs smoother. He says, “So my deal is, if its worth having it’s worth working for. You have to work to get results.  Some people want money, some want to develop relationships, some want material things, whatever your goals may be you are going to have to work to reach them. The second belief I have is that so much of life’s results are attitude driven.  If you think you can’t then you probably can’t. So for me having a positive attitude means so much for kids and their success. I want to have a great attitude and enjoy the day as much as possible!” With these ideas constantly churning in the minds of our players, their determination and willingness will lead us to victory!

Coaching is only scratching the surface of what Gibbs does for this team. “We want to maximize the potential abilities of every young man on our team. In doing so we want to help them develop in the classroom, in their everyday life and on the field,” claims Gibbs. He is making a difference in the lives of our players through teaching them core values such as hard work, good attitudes, and positive motivation. “…one thing that stands out about Coach Gibbs is how he talks to his players. He knows how to motivate us and really bring out the best in us,” Harris states. These two factors are imperative in creating, not only a successful team, but a successful citizen.  

The coaches plan for changing the pace of our team is, “setting expectations and being consistent in our approach. We will be honest with our players and accept nothing but their very best every day.” Having a game plan is one of  the most important things for a coaching staff to have. With the goal already in mind, our leadership just needs to take the appropriate actions to steadily reach that goal. Gibbs realizes that nothing happens right away and in order for the system to be strongly built, it will take time to implement. This is what he thinks about it, “We need to take care of the little things each and every day.  We need to understand that nothing happens overnight and we have to be persistent with doing things the right way everyday.” 

The future’s looking bright for Cape Central football.