The Great French Fry Debate


Paige Elder, Journalist

When you think of french fries, what’s the first place that pops into your head? Is it McDonald’s, Burger King, or Wendy’s? There’s lots of different places you could think of even Taco Bell has french fries now. With all these options to choose from, there’s always one question everyone asks themselves. Which place has the best fries?

First things first you have to narrow down your options. Do you like curly, straight, waffle fries, or tater tots? A survey was sent out to all CHS students and staff being asked that same exact question. According to the survey CHS says curly fries are the best with 126 votes and regular fries coming in second with 76 votes. Sadly, tater tots came in last with only 24 people saying there the best option. That still doesn’t answer the question, who has the best french fries?

McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A, and Arby’s were the top three places voted by CHS students for the best place to get fries. This is the tough part because each one of these places has different types of fries. McDonald’s has the classic regular thin fries that everyone loves, Chick-Fil-A has their signature waffle fries and Arby’s has curly fries which according to CHS are the best type of fries. Does that mean Arby’s has the best fries of all time? Yes, Yes, it does. CHS said curly fries are the best type of fries, and with Arby’s coming in third place they are crowned with the title best fries of all time. 

Wait, we have to decide on one more thing. What’s sauce should we dip the fries in? Since we have our winner there has to be something to dip them in. Ketchup is the number one choice of CHS students and staff to dip their fries in. That’s so basic though. There are lots of other things we could dip them in. One CHS student said they dip their fries in ice cream. That would be a good combination of sweet and salty or a few students said buffalo sauce, which would give it a little spice. Make the decision yourself of what you would dip the best fries of all time in. 

So after all this time CHS finally figured out what place has the best fries. Sadly, it’s not the ones I wanted to win, but I guess it’ll have to do.