The End of the Sisterhood.


Jacob Grant, Journalist

James Charles has hit rock bottom. His whole career is crashing and getting ready to burn in flames. Now, what started all of this drama? An ad. James’ motherly mentor, Tati, has a product line out called Halo.  This line is a line of pills, which help with hair, skin, etc. Her biggest rival is Sugar Bear Hair. Sugar Bear Hair has women’s multivitamins, hair growth pills as well as Sleeping Vitamins.

Now, how does this fit in with all of the tea? This ad that James put up got the ball rolling. Because not too long afterward, James revealed some things to Tati which just set her off. By these things, I’m talking about his fame getting to his head and the pushing of his sexuality on men. In this instance, the case of the waiter at Tati’s Birthday Party Dinner. According to the waiter, James talked to several members of the staff who were working that night trying to get his number. The reason behind this is the fact that James thought that the guy was, “good looking.”

From the waiter, we see what happens after this night has passed. The waiter messaged James on Instagram and the waiter agrees to go hang out with James at his hotel. While in the hotel, the two watched a movie, which ended in James asking if he could kiss the waiter, who is the same age as James, 19. Taking into account that the waiter at the time was, Bi-Curious, he agreed and it ended with a make-out session between the two.  James wanted to fly the waiter to LA to be with him but the waiter did not want to have a relationship with James. According to the waiter’s Youtube video, James continued to push the issue even after the waiter refused.  

Back to Tati. Now the video that she had released was not a direct attack against James for the whole entire time. This video came up after someone else released a video telling their opinion. The  “Bye Sister” video was followed by James’  apology video. Which, as far as I could tell, was one big waste of time and a whole fat lie. Near the end, anyone could tell that James was fake sobbing and, to me, the video seems rehearsed.

Now my overall opinion on this issue. To me, this whole thing came about after James supported one group instead of the other. This then leads to a chain of event’s that caused his friends, Ex: The Doland Twins, Jeffery Star, etc, to unfollow James. Sadly, to me, this is a middle school argument. One person didn’t pick their friend so they had to get upset about it and expose the other person for all of their flaws, which in turn has lead James Charles to lose a ton of subscribers and Tati gain some of these subscribers. Some people need to learn that things aren’t acceptable, and it looks like James found that out the hard way.