15 Minutes

Casey Barwick, Journalist

Every fifteen minutes, one unlucky victim dies from a car crash. In response to this, Cape Central held an “Every 15 Minutes” program, on April 15. This entailed one student being taken out of class every 15 minutes, having their makeup done so they appeared to be dead, and not speaking at all for the remainder of the day. April 15, and 16 both included showcases pertaining to all four high school grades. On the 15, a docudrama was shown to the sophomore and senior classes, showing the true injuries and wreckage caused from an alcohol influenced car crash. On the 16, a brief presentation was given, showcasing some real life stories of car crashes, and the injuries that followed. A tally of high school students killed by distracted driving was given, and each student was given a colored graduation cap to mark their passing. Central Traction, the school’s anti-distracted driving group, will continue to implement more showcases such as these, for more years to come.