Students Take On Youth In Government Day

J'myn Nabors, Journalist

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On March 29, students in CHS Government classes, and students from all over the district participated in Youth In Government Day.  The students began their day at the City Hall in Cape Girardeau, where they connected with government, city and business officials from the district.  They had the opportunity to job shadow a career that was randomly chosen for them, some including city clerk, mayor, parks, and recreation manager, coroner, police, and firemen.


Students who were shadowing local government officials got the opportunity to participate in a mock city council meeting where they were given information on parliamentary procedure, and allowed to debate on current issues in the district such as deer population, phone usage while driving, term limits on officials, and smoking in public areas.  Council members became constituents during the trial, taking the stand to voice their concerns and complaints on issues plaguing their lives. The students were to address the complaints properly and helpfully and then come to an effective conclusion.


City Clerk and Director of Citizen Services, Gail Conrad, was among the many city officials that were shadowed.  She says that she started in her high school FBLA, and now she has been in her position as city clerk for many years.  Conrad says that though some may find her work boring, she enjoys and loves what she does for the people of Cape Girardeau.


“I like working for the people. if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here.  It is very satisfying to help those less fortunate than me.”