1919-2019 Fashion Lookback

Casey Barwick, Journalist

Even though 2019 started almost a whole month ago, the year is still bright and new. It is always important to look forward, to make goals and dreams for the future. Furthermore, it is also important to look back. By taking a step back we can see our past mistakes, issues, and choices. It’s always nice to look back on fashion too. We can see what different types of fabric, styles, and modesty were popular, and how fashions were affected by the time.


  1. One hundred years ago, things were a bit different. The society

     and fashion normal was for women to wear long and heavy dresses. These dresses were normally tailored to the waist, made of whatever material was most affordable and was accompanied by many accessories. Brightly colored hats, gloves, scarves, and jewelry were quite popular. Yet, many women still couldn’t afford these luxuries. World War I had just ended a year prior, so worldwide financial stability was still slowly increasing.

In 1919, the women’s suffrage movement was in constant motion. One year after 2019, women earned the right to vote! As a result, women’s fashion started changing. The year was right in the middle of a harsh war-time and the golden starred roaring twenties. It became the middle ground and tied one time into the next.


Slowly but surely, the hemlines of women’s dresses began to rise. In 1919, they weren’t as high, but since the war and the up and coming suffrage movement women went into the workforce. Many women found that with a shorter dress, they could move quicker and easier and could do their jobs better.

All in all, 1919 was a strong year for political, and fashion influence. It highlights how different 2019 is. Though Gucci and crop tops are quite a big part of today’s culture, it really does help to look back.