A Cosmetic Consultation

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A Cosmetic Consultation

Casey Barwick, Journalist

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As a makeup fanatic myself, I have learned many tips and tricks over the years for the best makeup application. Ranging from brush amounts-to foundation types, here is a short list of helpful hints to lead you in the right direction!

Skincare Comes First

Though your foundation, concealer, and powder may be very full coverage, the first thing to worry about is your skin. A good cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer are a MUST! Match everything to your skin type,(i.e. Oily, dry, combination)and make sure your skin is in good health before piling on the product.

Know Your Foundation Shade

I get it, shade-matching is hard. Especially since most makeup stores have pretty bad lighting. However, having a great shade match will completely elevate your look. Check your undertones first. Do you have pink undertones? Yellow? Green? Your shade is heavily influenced by you and your skin tone, so make it as close as possible.

Pick and Choose Your Concealers

If you are a full-coverage queen, then you should totally go with the all-out concealers, but for those looking for something natural, maybe that isn’t such a good idea. Like foundation, concealers play a large role in makeup application. The lighter your concealer is, the more it will brighten your features. So play around with them, you might surprise yourself.

Always Use Powder

You are in class, and it’s hot-really hot. You go to wipe your forehead and oh no! Oil and sweat coat your pretty foundation. Here’s a solution, powder! The powder will get rid of all the sheen on your skin. Try using one that is your skin shade, or lighter.

Brows Are An Artform

Every person has their own brows. Whether you have low set brows, high arches, or no brows at all, you can still great. The main thing to remember is that you will have good and bad brow days. There is no need to stress over one bad brow when tomorrow it will look fine as always.

Eyeshadow Takes Time

If you really want that beauty guru eye shadow, then sit down sister. It takes a long time. Also, don’t limit yourself on your brush options. The more brushes you have, the better your look will be.

Use a Big Fan Brush For Contour

Look, I know this sounds weird. However, it really gives you those sharp and strong cheekbones you always wanted. Start with a light amount of powder contour and slowly blend it closer and closer to the front of your face. They aren’t very expensive, and you can easily pick them up at a drugstore

Wet Your Highlighter Brush

This trick goes for almost every shimmery shade, but in highlight, it really works. Wet your highlighting brush with a setting spray, or even water before applying highlighter. It will Take your glow from low to go!

 Swivel That Wand!

When applying mascara, swivel the wand back and forth. This will reduce the amount of “clumpage,” and give your lashes that extra push.

It’s Not Always Needed

Makeup is an art form. It is fun to buy and apply, and people all over the world have loved it for centuries. But you don’t always need pounds and pounds of powder and foundation because YOU are beautiful. Never underestimate yourself, or let others drag you down. Sometimes, it is best to have a break up with the makeup.