Casey Barwick, Journalist

Recently, I went and watched Cape Central High’s latest production, Antisocial. It was showcased on January 4-5 of 2019. The student-directed and worked play, formed by many small skits and scenes, opened people up into the comical world of social media. I left the theater, after the show, with a smile on my face, and a playbill in hand. Surprisingly, the experience started at the front door.



It followed the path of a young girl, working her way through the likes, shares, and posts of social media. Her parents humorously resented her for her poor posting skills, and she worked to fix it. After the skit, there was another short explanation from De La Cruz, then the show launched right into the next scene. This was the pattern for the whole showing.When I first walked in, volunteering students greeted me with a warm welcome and a guide to my seat. Once situated, it was only a short time until the lights dimmed and the play started. It began with a hearty welcome from the show’s overseer, Belle De La Cruz. She praised the students and actors for all of their hard work and dedication to the showcase, and lead into the first skit. It was titled, “Parental Oversight.”

The play itself was filled with bright colors, sparkly wigs, and comically ominous music. The last show of the night that I was able to watch was titled, “Followers.” It went along a story of two girls in a class, fighting over who had the most social influence. Many actors, all dressed in stereotypical high schooler outfits, ran around the stage shouting the words, “LIKE,” and “RETWEET!” Though simple, the scene made many audience members laugh, including me. After the last few words, the lights dimmed again, and De La Cruz made her last speech. She congratulated the theater members for their performance and closed off the night with a goodbye. Then, the lights came back, and it was over. Yet, viewers trailed out of the Kinder Hall laughing and quoting the show, and actors came out with smiles on their faces and proud looks from their family members. Though not very long, the play inspired me and many others to possibly rethink the choices we make on social media sites. Then, to take time out of our day to reflect on our own likes, shares, and posts that can, in time, make us a bit Antisocial.