There IS a Queen of England


Tyler Sikes, Journalist

Tee brewed on the wonderful lands of Reddit around the Christmas season. The rumor of Queen of England Elizabeth II would be dead on January 5th. This was incredibly memed throughout social media. The Queen is 92 but her health is not holding her up. Her condition is currently stable, but the Internet took her “death” in their own hands.

The famous clip from 2010’s “Megamind” by DreamWorks Animation was one of a few memes for the Queen’s death, this one with a countdown to midnight of January 5th with Hal Stewart saying the famous “There is no Queen of England” at midnight. Other posts on Instagram claiming the Queen had died were saying “She died, y’all. Type “F” to pay Respect.” Many believed the Queen was going to be gone from this world either before or on January 5th of 2019. When people woke up to check their social media, such as Instagram and Twitter, many social media users posted the Queen had left us.

Now that the rumor of the Queen’s death is lifted, major scandals and controversies about the Queen of England have surfaced, many about the relationship between her and her husband, Prince Phillip. The Queen is alive, who knows for how much longer, but none the less, leave her alone. She’s 92 and her health isn’t in the best state. Let her enjoy her tea in peace.

Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images