Conspiracy Theories: Do You Believe?

Conspiracy Theories: Do You Believe?

Olivia Koenig, Journalist


The Flat Earth Theory

Flat Earthers believe that the Earth is flat, rather than round as accepted by modern day scientists. The Flat Earth Theory states that because the earth looks and feels flat, the earth must be flat. states that they have gained 200 new members every year since 2015, and there is more information about the theory on their website.


Area 51

Until recently, the American Government denied the existence of Area 51 and any interest involving UFOs. In December of 2017, the US Government confirmed 22 million dollars of federal funds were spent to investigate “potential aerospace threats.”  Area 51 is located in Nevada and said to be used for Government aircraft testing. However, conspiracists believe Area 51 is where the US Government stores aliens and their spacecraft when they have crash landed to earth, according to the Washington Post.


Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is the area of the Atlantic ocean that connects Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. This triangle is notorious for reports of ships and aircrafts going missing and for accounts of pilots becoming disoriented while flying. The theory originates from Christopher Columbus on his voyage to the new world, where he documented erratic compass readings after a strange ball of fire crashed into the ocean. A famous tragedy that occurred in the Bermuda Triangle is the sinking of the USS Cyclops, a Navy Cargo ship that carried over 300 men and 10,000 tons of manganese. However, the USS Cyclops never sent out a distress signal and no wreckage was found, according to This is just one of many strange disappearances that happened in the Bermuda Triangle.  


Denver Airport

When people arrive at the Denver Airport, they are greeted by a 32-foot blue horse with fiery red eyes. This is the basis of the Denver Airport Conspiracy, which states that the airport is located above an underground city. There are many theories as to what this supposed underground city hides, including The New World Order, The Illuminati Headquarters, and fallout shelters. The Denver Airport is twice the size of Manhattan and was 2 billion dollars over budget according to Big enough to hide an underground city?


The Simpsons Predict the Future

The Simpsons have been correct about the future many times as featured in their episodes. From predicting Donald Trump becoming president to Lady Gaga’s Superbowl halftime show, many people have no idea how certain episodes have predicted major events in American history. The Simpsons have been running for 27 years, and their plotlines are eerily close to real life events that have happened after the episodes have aired. Who knows what else they will predict? 



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