Working the Web

Casey Barwick, Journalist

After the production of Cape Central’s version of Charlotte’s Web on October 11-13, new spots are open for actors and theater tech members. Central’s theater, directed by Belle De La Cruz,  is loosely divided into two sections: actors and tech members, also known as techies. While almost constantly combined, the two parts have different jobs. The actors play their characters in performances by fully integrating their character’s personality into their own. At the same time, techies work on all of the mechanical pieces of the affair backstage. ”According to Belle De La Cruz, the Theater Director, “Theater tech is everything that goes on behind the scenes.”


Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Manager guide the show on its wheels by directing techies and actors. Set crew members work on all the building and woodworking that creates the whimsical buildings on stage, while painting crew covers those creations in bright colors and creative hues to match the theme of the story. Props crew works on all of the little things in the shows, such as old cans, broken eggs, or funky hats. While costume crew creates outfits for each actor and helps them in and out of their clothes for each scene. One of the newest additions to theater tech, makeup crew, works to transform each actor into the new character that they play.


Actors rehearse for hours on end, to make sure each word or movement makes an impact on stage. Vocal warm-ups and insane pre-show games add to the acting experience. They work with De La Cruz, for each scene and setup, and collaborate with the techies in sound, costume, and almost every other crew.


Before the production, those who work in box office collect and sell tickets, and house members work to make sure all the funding and accommodation is sorted out. The ushers guide the play-watchers into the correct seats and the stage is set.


During the production, the sound crew is hard at work. They make sure each person gets into their respective mics and applies sound effects to add the mood of the show. The lighting is controlled by those working on the light crew, who supply just enough light for each actor, at just the right time. “We are behind the scenes, whether you are costume crew, light crew or sound crew,” says Gabrielle Porter, a two-show member of theater.


De La Cruz works in every aspect of the production. She oversees the workings of every actor and crew while giving suggestions and advice to make each show better than the last. Her main roles are to make sure each actor gets their lines just right and to make sure each techie puts forth effort into their craft.


Techies and actors work in and out of the theater to make sure each and everything goes right. After their latest production, theater members have but a short time to prepare for the new and upcoming show, Charlie Brown Christmas, however, there are many open spots for new actors or tech members alike.