CHS Halloween 2022


This year’s Halloween, like many before, came and went in a flash with many people scrambling to get costumes and candy for one of the most anticipated holidays of the fall season but for many of us in high school we often find ourselves wondering “Have I gotten too old for this?” This was the question we posed to the students of Cape Central High School this past month. Students were Polled via google forms about if they believed people could age out of Halloween here’s how they responded out of 114 Students 67% polled that one could not age out of Halloween

Andrew Dockins, a senior at Cape Central High School, commented “To an extent, yes. It all depends on how willing you are to let your inner child out, y’know?”

In addition to asking about whether one could age out of trick or treating we polled students whether they still wore Halloween costumes and if they still went trick or treating the results were unsurprisingly synonymous with each other with 74% of students still dressing up for Halloween and 63% still trick or treating although most cited younger siblings as their reason for participating in the holiday many others also stated that they would definitely still dress up and trick or treat for themselves

Sage Womack, a junior at Cape Central High School, states “The trunk or treats this year made the little kids not really go trick or treating it was all teenagers trick or treating and I think the older people like that”.

Ultimately what this all goes to show is that Halloween is a truly timeless holiday for all to enjoy, young or old. So next Halloween don’t be afraid to dress up, scare people, go to parties, trick or treat and have fun