Back to school Outfits

With outfits ranging from the hot new trends, to cool and casual, CHS is full of unique a

d interesting first day fashion.  Every year we see new styles and trends here at CHS and all over the world. We are influenced by our favorite Tik Tokers, youtubers, actresses and actors, sometimes we are influenced by them more than we would think, such as our life styles, attitude, and humor. In the 70’s we saw bold colors and bell bottoms whereas in the early 2000’s we saw the maximalist style, with belts on dresses, low rise jeans, and a surplus in body jewelry. Style is never subjective to a singular person and with CHS being a sizable school, there is a wide range of said styles. 

 Jacob Burnes began his sophomore year with an outfit he was comfortable yet stylish. When Burnes was asked what he thought about his outfit he stated “ This year I just Kind of did what I normally do. I really enjoy looking nice at school and anywhere I go really. I think if you look good then you will have the highest confidence a person can have.” Burnes’ idea of having confidence in yourself truly shows how many people feel. It does not matter if others like your outfit or styles or not as long as you express yourself in a way you are proud of. Having “diverse styles and drip” makes school more of a comforting place for different students, as stated by another student at CHS.