Senior Feels


Being a freshman in High School and walking the halls for the first time, looking for your friends from Junior High and wondering where you are going to sit at lunch. That all comes down to 4 years later, having your routine lunch table with either the same friends you have had since freshman year, or a whole new friend group that you found along your high school journey. 


It all comes so fast the next steps could be your senior night at your last home game, prom night, or even walking across the stage to collect your diploma. Senior Cade Emmenderfer states, “I feel excited coming into senior year, yet nervous about planning my future after high school. “I am looking forward to spending the little time I have left with my school friends, and to all of the sporting events, and to my last baseball season ever, but I am not looking forward to the school work and homework that comes with being a senior.” 


Seniors have to spend this year focusing on making their future decisions for college or their career plans for after graduation. While the year may be stressful for most students, Cape Central High School (CHS)  is striving to help our senior students move forward. Senior Talia Bowman states, “I was excited coming into senior year, but I’m also nervous because this is a small step that starts all of the big events in our lives. I’m Looking forward to the end of this school year, but I am not looking forward to leaving everyone I’ve known most of my life when school is over.” 


The 2023 class was introduced to a COVID outbreak in 2020 which caused them to get out of school a few months early as a safety precaution. After that year, masks were enforced up until last year(2021) at CHS which made athletics and academics a challenge for some, but Cape Central pushed past the challenges and excelled greatly. Senior Cole Proffer states, “Coming into senior year is unbelievable, it seems like just yesterday we were going through COVID and leaving school our freshman year. Looking forward throughout our last year I’m looking forward to going to all the sporting events, and hanging out with my friends. Overall though I’m not looking forward to Graduating and not knowing what path I am taking.”