Student Senate Leaders


Student Body President Grace Laramore

On Thursday, March 24, senior and Student Body President Grace Laramore and student advisor and counselor Ms. DuBose talked about their time as a leader within Cape Central’s Student Senate.

Ms. DuBose and Laramore both stated that they joined due to encouragement from others. In the case of Laramore, it was encouragement from siblings and peers around her. Whereas Ms. DuBose explained she had joined after a colleague approached her for the job. Ms. DuBose said, “I was approached by one of the advisors that did it for 20 plus years.”

Ms. DuBose has been a student advisor for 15 years. She has enjoyed many functions Student Senate has held over her time as advisor, but specifically, her favorite has been working the concession stands. Ms. DuBose stated, “I think one of my favorite things, but a lot of people don’t like to do it, is I like working the concession stand because its service to other people.”

Senior Laramore has been involved with Student Senate all four years of high school, but she became Student Body President for her senior year. She has gone through many memorable moments while being a student at Cape Central, but some of her most fond memories have come from Student Senate. Laramore stated, “When everyone would be together coming up with ideas at the beginning of the year and decorating for the first day of school.”
Ms. DuBose and Laramore both hope for students to be able to learn many things after their time with Student Senate. Ms. DuBose hopes for students to learn to work well with others, especially adults and people higher up. Ms. DuBose believes this will help students in the future when they have jobs and have to work under someone of authority. “Learning how to work with others in leadership roles,” Ms. DuBose said while elaborating on important things to take away from Student Senate. “You learn to work as a team.”

Laramore stated that she hopes for her peers to learn to be excited and involved with school after seeing others in Student Senate do the same. “I think the idea that participating, and being spirited, and coming up with ideas is fun,” senior Laramor stated. “School is so much more fun if you actually participate and get involved.”
When asked for advice to give to future students in leadership roles, senior Laramore said, “I think it’s all about listening to other people and knowing that leadership positions aren’t really about you, it’s about being able to take in ideas of everyone around you.”