Doors vs. Wheels

Ryan Nixon was just a normal guy until March 5, 2022. Nixon and some friends were having a discussion about whether there are more doors or wheels in the world. So he did what any normal person would do, he posted it to his Twitter page to let the internet decide the true answer. Within 24 hours of his post, Nixon’s poll had over 25,000 votes. The internet spiraled over the issue, with everyone voicing their opinion. Eventually, the trend made its way to the popular social media platform known as TikTok. This got students engaged in the issue of which are there truly more of.
Students began to debate what could be considered a door and what could be considered a wheel. After taking a poll of 100 random students at CHS, 81% of them believe that there are more wheels in the world while only 19% believe that there are more doors. Among these voters were Freshman Brayden Franklin and Senior Jalee Spain.
Spain firmly believes that the world has more wheels than doors. Spain stated, “I think specifically of gears, screws, and even that a door handle is a wheel. Even hot wheels cars, with there being so many produced with no doors. Many people also like to make the argument of hotels, but I think of the rollie chairs in those hotel rooms with five or six wheels on them.” However, Franklin believes the opposite, he likes to choose the less likely side, because he believes in the underdog. Franklin said, “I believe that there are more doors because there’s technically doors to cells and there are a lot of cells. I also take into consideration New York and all the skyscrapers and all of the buildings.”
While it is fun to discuss what can be a wheel or a door, the real question is if we will ever know the true answer. Spain and Franklin agreed that we’ll never be able to truly calculate which there are more of in the world. Spain claimed, “While it’s not a truly important question, I do like to hear other people’s opinions because I think about it a lot.” As the doors and wheels debate slowly comes to an end, it was never about actually finding out which there are more of, it was people enjoying arguing their side.