Fire Alarms


Cape Central High Schools has had a few incidents with students pulling the fire alarms throughout the day causing a stir up in the building. As of now, nobody knows why students are doing this, but there are some ideas. Most of the students blame it on the “immature freshman.” However, the name of the students who have been doing this is not known by the student body.

Senior Olivia Langston states, “I honestly think whoever is doing it is either wanting to get out of class or doing it for attention or maybe a bit of both. Personally,I haven’t heard of any specific names of people who have pulled alarms so I feel like it may be more of a way to get out of class.”

On multiple occasions, the alarms being pulled have had many students question whether or not there is actually a fire. Each time the firefighters show up, all students must report with their teacher and class and stand on their designated spot on the football field, and everyone must stay there until the administration has dismissed everyone.

Sophomore Kara Torbet states, “I would say overall the fire alarm being pulled affects me and the rest of the students mainly just because rain or shine we would have to go out. We are also missing out on parts of our class period putting us behind on our work. I believe people are pulling the fire alarm to get out of tests, or classes they have that they don’t want to be in, but what they don’t realize is it affects the entire school. I just feel like it shouldn’t have to be a guessing game for whether or not the alarm being pulled is real or not.

Some students find having to walk to the football fields annoying, they feel it ends up being a waste of time and it affects the amount of time they’re supposed to be in class. Other students believe the opposite, and they don’t really mind getting out of class.

Senior Elias Theall states, “Truly when the fire alarm is pulled it doesn’t impact me and I don’t mind the walk from class to the football field.”