Democracy in Beta Club


Cape Central High School junior Cade Emmenderfer is running for Missouri Beta State Vice President. The Beta State Convention starts on Thursday, December 9 this year.  Emmenderfer’s campaign is currently under development for the December convention. He was inspired by his Beta Sponsor, Jennifer Criblez, to run at the State level. “Mrs. Criblez made a joke at Nationals that I would run and she took that seriously and pushed me towards running and I thought, ‘why not’? I thought it was a pretty good idea and it would help me in the long run.” The whole campaign spawned as a joke according to Emmenderfer but as time went on so did the idea of a CHS Beta running at the state convention this winter. 

As anyone else would be, Emmenderfer expressed some anxiety about being in front of such a large audience, “I’m definitely nervous, I’m not a very extroverted person so the idea of going and talking to a  bunch of people and giving a speech in front of hundreds of people, yea that’s a little nerve wracking. I think I’ll do okay with it.”  According to Criblez, it wasn’t in her plan to encourage a CHS Beta to run for a state office until CHS Beta competed in Orlando this summer, “After watching students from other schools compete for national office during a general session, I told students that I was going to convince someone from our club to run. I am not sure anyone thought I was serious. It wasn’t until the drive home that I had someone volunteer. We were all excited about our success at the national convention and were talking about what we could achieve this year. Cade Emmenderfer expressed an interest in running and our van and another van brainstormed his campaign the rest of the drive home to Cape Girardeau.” 

Apparently in their responses, Criblez and Emmenderfer had different perspectives of what was discussed on the way back home this summer, but the outcome was the same. Both Criblez and Emmenderfer are now on the same page and both have expressed excitement about the upcoming election. CHS Betas should mark their calendars for December 10 and vote Cade Emmenderfer for Missouri Beta State Vice President.