Respiratory Therapy


Career Technology Center(CTC) holds an open house to promote awareness to the importance of the Respiratory Therapists(RT’s) and give an idea to the public on what they do. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many gave nurses credit for being on the frontline, but many people don’t know the respiratory therapists were alongside them throughout those days helping with those people who came in sick.

Pete Darnell Respiratory therapist and teacher at CTC states, “We are holding this event at the CTC to tell the importance of respiratory, the known healthcare positions are the nurses and doctors, but a lot of people don’t realize RT’s are that third person that’s in those surgeries and on the front line with those doctors. My favorite part about the job is the fact that I get to work with patients from all different age groups from newborns to elderly. I also get to deal with many different things that go on: asthma patients, surgeries, organ failures, life support patients, and many more.”

Respiratory therapists main job is to help with patients who have trouble breathing. When you hear about respiratory therapy, you may wonder whether or not non traditional medication works when it comes to breathing in a substance. As an example, many people believe in using aromatherapy which is using scents and plants to help with one’s well being. According to Darnell this method is actually false he states, “aromatherapy is used by a lot of people but it doesn’t actually help any of the things it says it is supposed to.”

Students at the CTC studying to be RT’s state, “Non traditional medication doesn’t actually work or help if anything it does more damage than good. They smell good, yes, but people who use them aren’t actually being helped. The worst one is probably the tea tree too because it causes harm to animals.” 

Respiratory Therapists are needed to have lots of knowledge to be able to fulfill their job. The CTC class will continue to learn more and more about their jobs, and will help the world understand the importance of RT’s.