Weather and Wardrobe


As we’re seeing the start of November, many things start to change, not only the weather. It’s time to put away the tank tops and shorts and pull out the sweaters, hoodies, jackets, and boots that everyone’s been waiting all year to wear! There’s a myriad of different styles emerging for the fall season this year, ranging from comfy and casual to bold and chic. 

Vogue, which is published in twenty-six international editions, is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that may have a different view of fall fashion compared to the students at Cape Central High School. Vogue states sweaters are an essential fall staple, the brighter, the better. Surprisingly, floral prints are likely going to make a statement this fall. However, the color scheme will feature black, crimson, and other darker fall colors. Generation X, Americans born between the mid- 1960s and the early- 1980s, will be pleased to see trends from the 1990s make a comeback, with inspiration taken from the movie Clueless with plaid skirts and dresses with matching jackets. Bright colors will pop in bold monochromatic dresses with inspiration from Dua Lipa’s embrace of the 90s fashion. 

Sweatpants may be a fall staple for most people, but according to, “After 2020, “sweatpants are definitely out.” However, many Cape Central High School students are not convinced. A survey sent out among students recorded that sweatpants are definitely in. With 53 responses from students, 31.5% of them will have sweatpants in their wardrobe this fall as essential attire. Sophomore Allison Gosling, vocalized her opinion on sweatpants by saying, “It really depends on my mood of the day, but most of the time I wear sweatpants or leggings.” Gosling expresses the desire for comfort in her clothes in addition to being fashionable. 

The survey found that the most popular layering options this fall are oversized jackets and flannels. Vogue decided that a leather jacket is significant to fall attire this year. Steff Yotka and Madeline Fass, editors for Vogue, specifically report that, “No item is more crucial to a closet than a great leather jacket.” Gosling has a different take on layering choices, however, saying, “Lately, I’ve been into hoodies with a flannel over it or tee shirts with a long sleeve under it, and you can also pair it with leggings, jeans, and sweatpants.” Gosling speaks about different styling options to make an outfit more comfortable or dressy. Vogue mentions supersized jackets are an indispensable item this fall, but more so to be prepared for the flexible climate than for the fashion statement. 

Vogue has stated that stripes, collage prints, upcycled patchwork, and retro graphics are making a comeback, but Cape Central High School students disagree. Students would rather go with a basic hoodie than an eccentric style. Gosling even said, “You can never go wrong with a hoodie and flannel.” While speaking with Gosling, she mentioned how she gets most of her fall inspiration for her outfits from Pinterest rather than high fashion magazines. It will be an interesting fall season to see if the predictions from Vogue are seen throughout the hallways of Cape Central High.