Swinging Into The Season

Addison Ank , Journalist

The 2021-2022 CHS softball team has been working hard over the beginning of the school year preparing for their first game of the season. Freshman softball player Sahvanna Ank was asked what it is like to be a part of a team. She states, “ It is special because the team will never bring you down and it makes you feel like you have an extra support system behind your back.” Ank is very passionate about softball. She practices every day after school, putting her sport first. She and her teammates work hard every day and put in the work and effort to have a successful season. They train hard. “because that’s what keeps you in shape and makes you a faster runner and a better player,” Ank voiced. The team takes pride in their school. They fundraise by doing car washes and washing pets. The team is motivated to try their best and put in their all every day. When asked what softball makes her feel, Ank declared, “ It makes me feel motivated and happy. The team really hypes you up and makes you feel like you have a second family.”

Even though the girls are industrious, it can still be tough having to condition and practice in the heat every day. After hearing many great things about the coach from the softball girls, Ank was asked if she liked the way her coach, Coach Medlin teaches them. She stated, “Yes I do because he is very hard on you which makes you a good player and he can be super nice and funny and make you feel good about yourself.” On Tuesday, August 31st, the team took a trip to Semo college. Varsity softball played as the JV showed support by cheering them on. Coach Medlin called on Ank at the last minute to be at the Semo if she so chose and she showed up with a positive attitude ready to be an advocate for her team. Varsity junior Lauren Hamby knows much on the subject of softball as she has been playing at the High School for her third year. When questioned on what inspired her to play, she claimed, “ My parents inspired me. I’ve fallen in love with it since I was a kid.” The team works very well together but just like with any sport, there is always room for improvement and reflection. I inquired what her team’s strengths and weaknesses are and she claimed, “ For the weakness, we need to work on communication. Our strength is hyping each other up and making sure we are up and happy.” These diligent girls put in their time and effort every day to reach their goals as a team. Will they all continue to play after high school though? Hamby explained, “ If I got a college offer, I would take it, but if not, I would move on. I do want to coach though.” We don’t know for sure where these girls will end up in the future but for right now they will continue to live out their passion for softball and chase their dreams.